Drafts and articles of articles on Gay Pride Week

Dalton, John M. The heat is really on for the next few days. We have gift for each guest and some fun raffle prizes.

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drafts and articles of articles on Gay Pride Week

Bibliography The author expresses her heartfelt thanks to Laurence Charton and Delphine Lobet, respectively director and editing coordinator for the journal Enfances Familles Générations, for their close reading of the original draft and for their guidance.

Schneider, D. Research on trans parenting, which is more recent and of which there is less, will be reviewed separately. In same-sex parent families, children do not spring from the procreative sexuality of their parents. Être père et homosexuel dans la France contemporaine, thèse de doctorat en anthropologie sociale, École des hautes études en sciences sociales, Toulouse.

Badgett, A.

Drafts and articles of articles on Gay Pride Week
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