ED and problems with rapid ejaculation RE were studied in a convenience sample of gay men n and an a

Archives of General Psychiatry , 56 , — In previous studies, personality trait measures relevant to sexual arousability and the effects of Byers, E. This is especially true for gay men, on whom we focus in this chapter.

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  • Degree of mindfulness was not associated with the ability to disengage attention from smoking or affective stimuli. Relapse rate and time to relapse were measured over a 60 week observation period.
  • Aspects of this model are currently being tested in ongoing trials of mindfulness meditation.
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Examining the protective effects of mindfulness training on working memory capacity and affective experience. The cardiac and respiratory systems can be viewed as two self-sustained oscillators with various interactions between them. In the long term it can impair academic performance, vocational success and social-emotional development.

The capacity to stabilize the content of attention over time varies among individuals, and its impairment is a hallmark of several mental illnesses. The current study is the first randomized-controlled trial evaluating the feasibility and initial efficacy of an 8-week outpatient Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention MBRP program as compared to treatment as usual TAU.

In this study, attentional processing in relation to mindfulness meditation was investigated.

ED and problems with rapid ejaculation RE were studied in a convenience sample of gay men n and an a
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