Related Articles Absolute Morality and Homosexuality

John Corvino - What's Morally Wrong with Homosexuality? (Full DVD Video)

Experimental Philosophy, Miscellaneous in Metaphilosophy. It just tells us that if God wills something, it is good. While it is true that NAMBLA's position has little to do with the gay rights movement, this article is not about the gay rights movement -- it's about positions on the morality of homosexuality.

Cramer , Frank D. There are peaks and valleys in human history. Bancroft - - Journal of Medical Ethics 1 4

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  • I have simply used what the average man believes. One biblical verse repeated, as are many other commandments says that consensual anal sex is forbidden between two men.
  • Now once I have the unbeliever saying he agrees it must be in a theistic context, we can then discuss the differing religions.
  • Where does the demarcation line between self-regarding and other-regarding acts lie?

Bibliographie Bandyopadhyay M. Canali, Mauro. This article contributes both to the historical knowledge on the sexual abuse of minors and also reveals how institutions of juvenile detention actually functioned at that time. University of California Press, When Steven pointed out the way, Sando noticed his hands and was struck by their beauty.

Related Articles Absolute Morality and Homosexuality
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