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  • Aside from Miller, other writers have contributed to the Independent Gay Forum and have written numerous articles about current events such as gay marriage , civil unions , the Marriage Protection Amendment , transgender rights , the Employment Non-Discrimination Act , hate crime or hate speech bans, the religious right, the military gay ban, Social Security, the War in Iraq, and the Second Amendment.
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You can adjust your cookie settings , otherwise we'll assume you're okay to continue.. Moi je pense qu'il faut faire un forum bilingue afin que les autres nationalités puissent suivre le forums. This angered many Libertarians as the 'grocery store analogy' ignored the fact that government regulations as ballot access law make it hard for a third political party such as the Libertarian Party to compete for the support of gay citizens because they have to spend limited resources in order to obtain access on the general election ballot with a party affiliation.

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