Stress and coping among gay men: Age and ethnic differences

Prevalence of Axis I disorders among Jamaican sexual minorities Axis I mental health disorders in the past month, particularly major depression and substance use disorders with cannabis and alcohol, were prevalent among the sexual minority participants in this study.

In this Jamaican study, the mean age of disclosure to family was just over twenty-two years old, nearly ten years older than the mean age of initial disclosure to carefully selected acquaintances. Personal comfort with sexual orientation was coded on a scale of 1 least comfortable to 5 most comfortable ; 1 to 3 were considered low and 4 to 5 as high.

This stage in early adulthood perhaps coincides with a point where greater independence may be assumed by some; but may be a critical point in the lives of others, where withdrawal of financial, emotional or other support may be more detrimental. Our findings indicate that both researchers and clinicians should turn their attention to processes of resilience among young SMW, particularly young SMW of color.

Nearly seventy percent of the study participants met criteria for an Axis I disorder in their lifetime, but only about ten percent reported ever receiving counseling.

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  • This brought Golombok to the conclusion that the fact that data does not indicate psychological difficulties among the children cannot be due to statistical bias. Received: April 8, ; Accepted: October 7,
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  • Berkowitz, D. If yes, is surrogacy a surrendering of the child at birth?
  • In lesbian couples both women become legal mothers if conception took place in a medical setting with sperm donation, or outside the medical context but without sexual relations with the biological father. Borrillo, D.
  • Revising the SES: A collaborative process to improve assessment of sexual aggression and victimization. This questionnaire also included items addressing relationship involvement e.
  • Means and percentages with asterisks are significantly different from the referent group non-Hispanic Whites. Unwanted experiences included were fondling to completed oral, vaginal, and anal sexual intercourse.
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  • However, consistent with previous studies e.

Firstly, the fact that a filial relationship is not recognized between the known donor and the children born of his donation could deprive the children of a relationship with their biological parent joyal, , Slone, T. Gay fatherhood and the different procreative ways of achieving it imply not only separating sexuality and procreation but also dividing motherhood into intentional, gestational and genetic motherhood.

The couples who use a known donor face the risk that he will recognize the child and obtain parental rights. Dubé, M.

Stress and coping among gay men: Age and ethnic differences
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